Gas Fires

When choosing a gas hearth appliance it's important to know what you want to achieve.

GAS LOGS are an open fire (no glass) that are retrofitted into standard size fireplaces. They're very decorative but won't provide substantial heat.

GAS COALS, like gas logs, are open fires that are decorative but don't provide heat. They are designed to retrofit into small coal burning fireplaces.

GAS INSERTS are retrofit into an existing fireplace. Since they have a glass front, the chimney can't suck away the substantial amount of heat they produce. Gas insert models can heat 800-2500 sq. ft. and are highly efficient.

GAS FIREPLACES are used for new construction. Our models are efficient heating appliances.

GAS STOVES mimic a wood stove but have more versatile venting options. They are efficient heaters.